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Gift Box Ideas For New Homebuyers: Hygge, Homesteader, Mid-Century Mod, And More

If you're looking for a creative gift for someone who recently bought their first home... … [Read More...]

Big Shifts Coming To The U.S. Housing Market In 2018

According to Realtor.com's 2018 National Housing Forecast, U.S. housing inventory constraints have fueled a sharp rise in prices and made it difficult for buyers to gain a foothold in the market. … [Read More...]

Existing Home Sales Hit Highest Pace Since Summer Months

Existing home sales increased in October, hitting their highest pace since earlier this summer, however, sales are still down year-over-year, according to the latest report from the National Association of Realtors. … [Read More...]

Is It OK To Real Estate-Stalk Your Friends And Family? A Hot Trend Explained

Ever wonder how much some people paid for a house, but were too shy to ask them outright? … [Read More...]

Millennials vs. Boomers: Tailoring Multifamily Homes To Today’s Twin Targets

What do Millennials, the laidback digital natives dubbed “Generation Me” by social scientists, have in common with the driven, disciplined Baby Boomers who spawned them? … [Read More...]

20 Tips For Marketing Your Brand on Instagram

Beyonce’s infamous pregnancy announcements, Taylor Swift’s make-up flowers from Kanye West, sultry stares from Selena Gomez and enough selfies from Kim Kardashian to make a book — what do all of these images have in common? They live on Instagram. … [Read More...]

Why Are Existing-Home Sales Underperforming?

Existing-home sales as measured by the National Association of Realtors are underperforming the rate supported by current market conditions, according to First American’s latest Potential Homes Sales model. … [Read More...]

Almost $1 Trillion of American Homes At Risk From Rising Seas This Century

According to new research by Zillow, rising sea levels are expected to impact $916 billion worth of U.S homes in the next 100 years, most of which are low-end or median-value homes. The majority of all homes at risk of flooding due to rising sea levels are in suburban areas - 65.4 percent of homes are in suburban areas, … [Read More...]

How Real Estate Agents Dominate With Multichannel Content Marketing

Top real estate agents are wary of get-leads-quick schemes, and rightly so. Those looking for longer-term success have turned to a powerful marketing system, multichannel content marketing: marketing that educates and informs prospects across multiple, integrated channels.   To build a dominant real estate … [Read More...]

Appraisal Myths Too Many Sellers Believe

The home appraisal process can be nerve-wracking for many sellers. You probably already listed your home, and even received an offer, and now someone is coming in to tell you what the house is worth? Someone who can quickly state a price that sinks your sale? It only makes sense to be concerned. … [Read More...]