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Outlook Social Connector

If you’re not on the social networking band wagon you had better hurry.  Being a part of the fastest growing media on the planet will add a huge boost to your business.  Without it, you’ll be left in the dust.  As I look back over the last 6 months I see the tremendous growth we’ve had here at The Real Estate Group.  Our social media plan has paved the way in creating a new platform on which we communicate to each other.  So today I’d like to just share a tidbit that was covered in our last social media class; we’re going to link Outlook with all of your social networks.

Here's a screenshot

Outlook is a great tool for contact management and if you use it you understand what I mean.  You can store contacts, organize groups, update info, and of course, email your database. But now Outlook has a plugin that connects those contacts to their various social media pages.  It’s called Outlook Social Connector.  You can read about it here.  Basically, it allows you to automatically pull contact info for someone who you’ve received an email from.  It pulls that content from their social media pages.  Whether it’s LinkedIn or Facebook, you’ll get the full bio in a small bar below the email.  Not only that, but if there are multiple recipients on an email, you can filter through each one.

There are, however, a few requirements.  First, you need to download the free plugin.  Follow the above link to do that.  Once it’s installed you need to select and download the app for each social media network.  If you’d like more info on how to do that, make sure you attend the upcoming social media classes we’re offering!  Lastly, you’ll only see your friend’s status updates.  Other contacts will ask you to add them first.  But what better way to connect with a new client!

There are thousands of free tools like this and I hope that in the future we’ll be able to cover more and more in this column.

Running the Race

I am a sucker for the “come from behind, root for the underdog” movies, and I am married to a woman who absolutely loves horses and horse movies.  Well those two thoughts shared common ground when I found myself watching the new Disney movie “Secretariat”…. for the second time in recent weeks!

It is an inspiring story that gives new meaning to “going the distance”.  Both the owner Penny Chenery (Diane Lane) and the horse, affectionately known as “Big Red”, showed tremendous tenacity and stamina in the face of overwhelming odds.

Secretariat came from a line of horses known for great speed.  However, they were also well known for their lack of endurance.  Following her instincts, Penny Chenery literally bet the farm on her horse, unwilling to give up on her dream when all good sense should have led her in the opposite direction.

Well, as most good “underdog” stories end, Secretariat won the Triple Crown, setting records all along the way.  In particular, while running in the Belmont Stakes to cinch the Triple Crown, Secretariat silenced his critics and naysayers alike, winning the race by an incredible 31 lengths and breaking the track record that stands unbeaten to this day!

It strikes me that Real Estate and horse racing have a lot in common.  Secretariat possessed hidden reserves of endurance and stamina that were only revealed when he was put to the test.  In like manner, today’s market is putting many agents to the test. The champions in our business are showing great endurance and stamina…rising to the occasion, bucking the odds and building careers that will go the distance.

History has provided us with many inspiring stories of adversity, experiences that compel some to be stubbornly determined while the rest shrink from the challenge.  In our case, the same market produces both winners and losers. If that is true, then the determining factor lies within each one of us.

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