Appraisal Institute Issues Earth Day Call for Collaboration to Real Estate Community

Would you like to make a difference when it comes to the appraisal values of “Green Properties” in Hampton Roads? 

Well, in celebration of Earth Day, the Appraisal Institute today called on the world’s real estate community to join in helping ensure reliable valuations for sustainable “green” buildings.

Appraisers are speaking out about a need to have all information from underwriters, builders, real estate agents and home inspectors related to energy efficient features in order to recognize them and to make appropriate, market-based adjustments. Appraisers frequently ask for ratings information, blueprints and specifications of properties’ conservation features but are not provided the information – either because those involved in their construction, sale or financing mistakenly believe they are not applicable to the appraisal process, or because the data are not generally available.*

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Also, in honor of Earth Day be sure to…

  • Stop by Starbucks TODAY!  They are offering a free brewed coffee to anyone who brings in a reusable cup.
  • And don’t forget  a trip to Lowe’s …you can plant a tree for FREE tomorrow.  Lowe’s is giving away one free seedling tree per person on Saturday, 4/23/2011 beginning at 6am.

*Data and Title is courtesy of RisMedia.