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Economic Factors with Pam Ermen!

 If you heard the saying, “There’s No Crystal Ball”, then you haven’t been to TREG’s Economic Factors update session! This session will help you read the signs of the times and determine how best to educate your buyers and sellers in today’s market to take action.

If you have never attended this session…THIS IS A “DON’T MISS”! You will walk away with tools, dialogue and strategies to get your buyers off the fence and your sellers back in the race! If you have attended it in the past, then come for the most recent update on the top 6 economic factors in Hampton Roads and get a refresher on how to best use this information in your daily business!

“If you haven’t attended one of Pam Ermen’s Economic Factors update sessions, you are missing out on fantastic information that is both real time relevant and market specific.

This knowledge can and does put us out in front of people who don’t know the vital economic facts that can help get buyers off the, “I’m going to wait and see what the market does,” sticking point.

In addition the information Pam shares with us is invaluable in helping us to assist our sellers to make the right, informed decision when pricing their home for sale, and controlling their expectations once it’s listed.”

-Debbie Donour