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100 Days Of Greatness Graduates!

Meet our newest 100 Days Of Greatness Graduates at The Real Estate Group!

100 Days Of Greatness

100 Days of Greatness is an intense real estate training that meets weekly :

  • How to take your database of existing relationships and create advocates that will help you accelerate your business
  • How to proactively add new relationships to your database
  • How to build relationships with customers based on trust
  • How to make traditional real estate lead-generation activities like “floor time” and “open houses” effective tools for building business
  • Practical selling skills such as how to present your services to buyers and sellers
  • Targeted dialogs to help you build relationships and close more sales

What Are The Guys Thankful For?

We got some of the guys to do a thank you video and this is what we got.  The Real Estate Group agrees with Jason Houser – we are also thankful for laughter!


Thanks to Aric Martinez, Nathan Volz, Jason Houser, Johnny Christian & Mike Miller

Thanksgiving Day Message From Gary Lundholm


Happy Thanksgiving!


How To Purchase A Home With Renovation Money

How to purchase a home with renovation money – brought to you by Regional Home Mortgage LLC Holly Damales

Rehab a home with HUD’s 203(k)

When a homebuyer wants to purchase a house in need of repair or modernization, the homebuyer usually has to obtain financing first to purchase the dwelling; additional financing to do the rehabilitation construction; and a permanent mortgage when the work is completed to pay off the interim loans with a permanent mortgage. Often the interim financing (the acquisition and construction loans) involves relatively high interest rates and short amortization periods. The Section 203(k) program was designed to address this situation. The borrower can get just one mortgage loan, at a long-term fixed (or adjustable) rate, to finance both the acquisition and the rehabilitation of the property. To provide funds for the rehabilitation, the mortgage amount is based on the projected value of the property with the work completed, taking into account the cost of the work. To minimize the risk to the mortgage lender, the mortgage loan (the maximum allowable amount) is eligible for endorsement by HUD as soon as the mortgage proceeds are disbursed and a rehabilitation escrow account is established. At this point the lender has a fully-insured mortgage loan.

regional home mortgage llc

Real Estate Website Training With Garrett

At the Real Estate Group we offer up to 3 website training workshops for our agents through webinars as well in the office.  Yesterday Garrett gave training on building neighborhood pages, embedding photos and videos into your website and how to set up different searches.

Next class is a webinar scheduled for tomorrow with our SEO expert Eric Blackwell.

Goal Setting – Testimonial

Larry Conner gives a great testimonial from the Goal Setting Planning Session with Steve Edwards at the Real Estate Group.  We have plenty of other real estate training classes and workshops and hope you can attend one soon!

Goal Setting With Steve

Had a successful Goal Setting Meeting and preparing for 2012 in our real estate business.  At The Real Estate Group we continue to have various real estate training for our agents to help them succeed in their business.


Welcome Home Dan!

We are so excited to have Dan Fleming return home safely even if only for a brief moment..

Thank you for being so brave and fighting for our country! You have our heartfelt gratitude for all you do to protect our freedoms at home. You make us proud!