Make It Count!

How important is a single moment? I once read a magazine article entirely devoted to one set of barbell rows performed by the great Dorian Yates.

The six-time Olympic world champion believed in efficiency. For over sixty years, there has been an ongoing debate regarding the number of reps and sets required to maximize one’s muscular potential, but there was no debate about who the world champion was at that time. Whatever this athlete was doing was working… so I read the writer’s words intently, carefully saving each descriptive phrase into my memory. As I read, I began to grasp the writer’s deep appreciation for the champion’s method. The article spared no detail or a doubt as to the lifter’s purpose. One of my favorite quotes is “the proof is in the pudding,” and I was convinced that Dorian’s efficiency was his edge. I committed myself to maximizing every workout, every set, and every rep. Make it count was my new mantra. I felt that whether I won or lost depended entirely on how efficiently I utilized my time.

My life was about to change, and all because of my workouts. As I began to refine my training, I also refined my meals, sleep habits, priorities, and even my attitude! I wasted nothing, not a meal, an ounce of water, a night’s sleep, an emotion, and especially not a moment in the gym. I was actually working out less but getting more results! I was in control of my training and my life, and for the first time I had complete confidence in myself. The journey became my victory; each day I strived to make every moment count, and each day, I won.

I have the trophies from my competitive bodybuilding days carefully preserved…in the attic. However, I still live in the moment, and celebrate a victory every day. Your journey is personal, whether it’s like Dorian’s quest for muscular superiority, to lower your body fat and enjoy a better quality of life, or the fulfillment of another dream. A single moment is as important to your success as success itself. Make it count…