2013: Embracing Change!

Several years ago, while on the Internet, I came across an article in which the CEO of IBM, Sam Palmisano, made the following statement…

A period of discontinuity is for those with courage and vision, a period of opportunity. Over the next couple of years, there will be winners, and there will be losers. And though it may not be easy to see now, I believe we will see new Leaders emerge who win, not by surviving the storm…but by CHANGING THE GAME.

I remember reading it and getting goose bumps! I could feel myself vacillating between feelings of excitement and healthy fear of what loomed in front of us. It was obvious that the market was entering into a highly challenged period and that change was inevitable. Few of us really knew how drastic those changes were going to be as we were hit head on by one of the toughest real estate and financial markets the country had experienced, at least in the years that I’ve been alive (suffice it to say I wasn’t here during the Depression!).

Years later, it’s obvious to me that Sam Palmisano was right. The real estate industry morphed before our eyes, and the challenges that evolved didn’t just chew up new agents. Experienced agents who had relied for years on healthy spheres of influence had to quickly revamp their business or take an “early retirement.” Most weren’t prepared for either and suffered major losses. The Game Changers, however – those determined to do more than survive – quickly analyzed the opportunities and threats exposed by the market conditions and turned both into new business opportunities and relevant sources of income over the last couple of years. Along with a large influx of newly licensed agents who were tech-savvy and also understood the principles of building great relationships, there appeared a sales force of leaner, more intuitive professionals.

And so 2013 begins. Time to turn on a dime, once again…and again…and again! Warp speed is no longer exclusive to the Star Wars movies; it’s a fact of life in our business. Just try purchasing the latest model of any kind of technology. No longer is there a 1-2 year shelf life before you’re tempted by the latest model upgrade!

And while time flies by for you, many Buyers and Sellers have been stuck in place, waiting for a sign that NOW is finally the moment to join the living at the real estate table. When they do show up, they are often overloaded with limitless sources of information from years of “preparing” for the bottom to arrive.

Yes, this year, you’re going to have to be better educated than your tech-savvy clients, more street smart than your competition, and more sensitive to the return you earn on every dollar you invest in your real estate business. That’s what this series is about…the changes necessary for thriving in the midst of a market that is demanding all that you have to succeed. Those changes may exist in the business sources you target, the technology on which you focus and master, and the paradigms that drive your expectations and ultimately create your reality.

It’s an EXCITING time to be in real estate: the stakes are higher than ever, but the rewards for a job well done can change the outcome of your life and the lives of those fortunate enough to work with an agent who delivers timely and relevant guidance! There’s never a better time to forget what has passed and move forward with this in mind. Change is the essence of life; you must be ready to surrender what you are and what you have been to the possibilities of what you can become!