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Life Hacks For Agents Using Everyday Apps

I had a dream of finding one perfectly integrated cross-platform app that would take care of my needs. But let’s face it, nothing’s perfect. So I found two — from the long list of apps for real estate agents — that work for me, and I use them in different ways. I attempted to integrate them, but I wasn’t satisfied with the results. More on that later.

What’s the best news? I look at my email once, deal with the things that need to be dealt with, email them in one or both of the apps and forget about it. Everything is filed and input on the calendar; reminders are set, and it’s all done directly from my email.

Here’s an example: all receipts are filed, out of my way and easily retrievable from the apps when I need them. (Everyone familiar with tax time?) What follows is my journey, and I hope the telling of it will save you both time and money.

Evernote — a digital filing cabinet

I started using Evernote a few months back. I found that it’s like a huge filing cabinet with a bunch of notebooks, but I wasn’t making forward progress on projects, etc.

I confess: I’m a major list-maker. Evernote lets you do a lot including filing, collecting, saving info for later, searching notes, setting reminders, scanning business cards, etc. Evernote is not the best app for list making, task managing, etc. So, my search began.

I wanted something that was easily integrated into Evernote. I did a lot of research and read tech reviews. I also contacted Evernote and other companies. All integration had to be done with a third app, and for reasons I’ll explain later, I wasn’t satisfied with the results.

I decided to try to use two apps, and see to what level it bothered me to have to use them separately. After months of use, I’m happy with my decision, and I have tweaked the way I use them based on my needs. I’ll share a couple of examples with you at the end.

Todoist — a listmaker’s kindred

So, what to do for my list-making addiction? I landed on Todoist. I hadn’t heard of it previously.

It lets you create searchable lists or to-dos (dated or not; filed according to projects, labels and filters; and retrievable according to due date if you’ve set one).

It uses natural language. Saying “Go to the gym every three days” will create a recurring task on your to-do list called “Go to the gym.” Each time you check it off, it will reschedule itself in three days. And, that’s the beauty.

Once input, you don’t have to do it again. You have the reminder when you need or want it, and it’s off your mind. Need reminders for your clients, kids, chores, errands, taking your meds? It’s easily set up and retrievable from your mobile devices and laptops.

For more info in integration, going paperless, and organizing your digital life, please see this complete article from by clicking HERE.

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