Right Price Analysis Class Benefits

So I thought I would say a little something about last week’s Right Price Analysis class held in our Virginia Beach office. First and foremost, thanks to everyone who attended the class and benefited from the depth of instruction provided in the class (check out what TREG agent Lisa Burrow had to say about it on Facebook). More than that, though, I’d like to say how proud I am of my colleagues who took the time to invest in their business and learn how to become masters at pricing property. I’m excited for the growth they’ll experience on the listing side of their trade, and I’m also excited for our seller clients. Not only will they be able to more effectively represent our sellers at the highest level possible with this new knowledge, but they will also bring that know-how to our buyer clients to help them find a house that is priced fairly.

In short, these agents dedicated their time to equip themselves at the highest possible level, and by doing so, our clients will be able to rely on them as trusted advisors for life. It doesn’t get better than that.

Buffini’s Turning Point 2012 Wrap-Up

What an exceptional conference we had at Brian Buffini’s Turning Point 2012 up in Richmond this week! I want to thank everyone who joined me and invested in themselves by absorbing such rich content over the past two days:

  • Delores Alexander
  • Nicole Ashley (Landmark Title)
  • Marcia Babashanian
  • Jen Basnight
  • Dayla Brooks
  • Greg Chaplin
  • Jeanine Cline
  • Laura Daugherty
  • Cathy Duncan
  • Shirley Edinger
  • Deb Gayle (Landmark Title)
  • Mitch Johnson
  • Amy Lang
  • Debbie Marable
  • Mike Nishnick
  • Kristin Perecko
  • Barbara Robinson
  • Marj Worley

I firmly believe that both the skills and agent development at TREG are at a very high level, so it was wonderful to hear Brian Buffini and Joe Niego affirming all the things our TREG associates are doing right now to grow and build their practices for the long term. The most important things we can be doing every day to expand our practice are sales and marketing. They are five times more important than anything else we can be doing on a daily basis. We know that a 10% growth in the business development of our practice equals a 50% increase in our income. Great takeaways from Brian and Joe!

I hope to see you next year in Richmond for this event, and don’t forget that Peak Producers is coming to the Chesapeake office in the fall: 8/27/12 – 11/19/12. This is powerful content! I look forward to seeing you there.

– Steven

Tenacious Tuesdays with Steven Edwards


What a powerful Tenacious Tuesday class this morning! 16 Alumni were in attendance and some incredible and eye opening information was revealed to them to help them expand their practices and put to use the information that was shared.

I expect GREAT things for those who were attendance this morning and look forward to seeing more TBGS graduates at the next Tenacious Tuesday session in Chesapeake on 8/23/11 @ 9:30am.

Discipline Builds A Strong Mindset

It is not our genetics that set us up for success or failure it is our mindset. Our mindset is critical to our growth and development. It surfaces in our personal and professional life and helps to form our identity. Some people that do understand the importance of mindset wonder why it seems so hard to achieve. It is the process involved that will ultimately ensure our success and diffuse any fears of failure.

First, we must always persevere and view our careers with a long term perspective. Just as a marathon runner trains and practices for years on end, we must treat each phase of our career as our own marathon. We must set definable and achievable goals,  build our endurance and our skills daily, and make sure that we have the right trainer to hold us accountable along the way to guide us when we need adjusting. When the athlete wishes to improve their speed, they must set short term goals to intensify their lap speed, one lap at a time. Just improving 2 seconds per lap over the course of a race may reduce 30-60 seconds off of their overall time. This is HUGE in the big picture of a marathon. Once one goal is met, it sets the bar for the next race to come.

It stands to reason that every professional will experience his or her share of positive and negative times.  The key to getting ourselves through these tough times is to not give up or give in. It is to remember that THE GOOD STUFF IS IN THE HARD STUFF!  Be sure your goals are meaningful. This will fuel your desire and ensure that you are building the life and career that you want for yourself. To transfer your hopes and dreams into goals and then into reality, we must first break them down into micro goals. NEVER underestimate small beginnings! One right choice builds on the previous choice and each time becomes easier and easier until it becomes a habit.

In order to do this we must develop new disciplines. Advanced decision making is a process that suggests that making the right choices ahead of time will prevent you from stalling when the time comes. The most helpful practice to accomplish this is the method of time-blocking, where you set aside specific times of each day for particular tasks. This is great in theory. However, if we don’t implement proactive duties during our time block that are in line with our specific goals then our practice in the allotted time could actually stunt our growth.  This being said, your Launchpad for this growth system is ACCOUNTABILITY. Choose a broker, fellow associate, or maybe your spouse to hold you accountable to your schedule and to your list of time-blocked activities.

Live determined and with boldness! Our short term goals lay the tracks before us, our long term dreams fuel us to keep moving and ensure that we lay those tracks in the proper direction, and having the courage to face our doubts and fears head on clears our vision and gives us the confidence needed to reach each goal, and ultimately our life’s dreams. So dream on, as discipline and dreams go hand in hand to achieve success.

Developing Your Skills for Maximum Career Growth

Today is a more exciting time then ever before in the real estate industry. It has more opportunities to focus our energy on that will maximize our career for growth.

However, with a fire hose of new ideas coming at you almost daily it may feel a bit overwhelming at times. The last thing you want to find yourself doing is integrating so many new ideas and not excelling at any of them.

1. First and foremost, take an inventory of the areas you enjoy most in your real estate practice. People always excel when they are passionate about something.

2. Next, review your prior year in real estate and see how much income was derived from those sources of business.

3. Rate your performance in those areas on a scale of 1 to 10…

  • 1 = Room for growth
  • 10 = I am a master

4. We must evaluate our effectiveness and work towards mastery in the areas we enjoy first before we start developing new skills. I recommend the Malcolm Gladwell book “Outliers”, which is all about mastery.

Here are some of the benefits of this exercise. First of all, you may find as you analyze your practice that you may need to strengthen your skills in the areas you enjoy most.

Or, You may find that you have uncovered the need for new business growth.

The goal is not to be at 100% over night this can be overwhelming, discouraging and can result in failure. Focus on slow and steady improvement instead of large monumental progress. Introducing one new skill into your practice at a time is much more beneficial and you can make a greater impact by making smaller steps. Keep working towards mastery of the new skill before introducing any other new business systems into your practice.

Since we are in the 2nd half of 2010, ask yourself this question? “What are the top 2 things I need to integrate into my practice in the next 30 days that will make me more productive, and help to finish strong for the rest of 2010?”


Focus on providing rich content in your social media outlets.

Establish a consistent work routine, and implement it daily.

1._ Activity____ Date I will begin________, 2010

2.__Activity____ Date I will begin________, 2010

The momentum we build now in the second half of 2010 will fuel the growth and strength of your practice for 2011. You must immerse yourself in professional and personal growth as well as development.

Growth is the result of listening, learning and daily execution. This market is excellent for GROWTH.

So play BIG!