10 Creative & Unusual Gifts For Clients this Holiday Season

There’s nothing like a shiny box with a bow on top!

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Halloween Marketing for REALTORS®

It’s officially October, which means the come-up-with-a-clever-yet-not-too-scandalous-outfit holiday is almost upon us.

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Toys & Trees for Kids is a Big Success

When December rolls around, it’s time for The Real Estate Group’s biggest annual event: Toys and Trees for Kids…

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Help for Tornado Victims in Indiana and Across the U.S.

Many of you TREG Insiders know Eric Blackwell, our dynamic SEO consultant who works very hard on TREG’s behalf to make sure we are on the leading edge of all things technology, social media, and SEO. Many of you have taken webinars with Eric and know his voice well, and for many of us, he is more than a business partner—he is a friend.

While Eric works with TREG, he actually lives in the Midwest, just north of Louisville, Kentucky. As you probably saw on the news, Eric’s community of southern Indiana was hit very hard by multiple tornadoes that touched down this past Friday. While Eric and his family are safe, a monster EF-4 tornado narrowly missed his parents’ house and devastated many of their neighbors’ homes, schools, and businesses. Eric spent his entire weekend helping kick-start the cleanup, working to clear away debris and give tornado victims much-needed assistance. The Red Cross was also on the scene, showing up mere minutes after the storms passed and immediately reaching out to victims with crucial assistance in the form of food, water, shelter, clothing, counseling, and more.

Courtesy Eric Blackwell

As you can see from the pictures Eric took this weekend and was kind enough to share with us, the destruction is massive. Those piles of siding, wood, and metal were once someone’s home and haven. Those of us in real estate understand to our core how painful the loss of a home can be; the juxtaposition of being grateful for still being alive and yet mourning the loss of something you’ve worked most of your life to achieve is at once both wrenching and confusing. This is where the work of the Red Cross is so crucial: supporting victims after the initial shock and need is over with long-term housing placement, the essentials needed to function, and counseling on how to deal with loss and starting the healing process.

Courtesy Eric Blackwell

We’re asking everyone to give whatever you can to the Red Cross to help. Last week’s tornado outbreak across the country was unprecedented, with an estimated 74 tornadoes spawned and tens of thousands of lives impacted. Consequently, Red Cross resources are stretched to the limit trying to address the needs of so many hard-hit communities all across the central U.S. Please give to Eric’s community and all of those around the country who need our help right now. To help, you can visit the Red Cross online donation page, call 1-800-RED-CROSS, or text the word REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation. You may also donate by mailing a check to American Red Cross, P.O. Box 37243, Washington, DC 20013.

When talking with Eric about the disaster, he told us that while it was horrible for so many people, it was great to see the communities in southern Indiana come together to support those who had suffered so great a loss. We’re hoping that all TREG agents will reach out and demonstrate that Eric’s community extends far beyond Indiana and that we here in Hampton Roads will come together to be there for those in need.


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Save The Date! Book Break – “Poke The Box” by Seth Godin

Save The Date!  Book Break – “Poke The Box” by Seth Godin

Thursday January 26, 2012 at 12pm
The Real Estate Group
401 N Great Neck Rd
Virginia Beach, VA 23454

Make sure to RSVP : Book Break “Poke The Box” by Seth Godin



Our next Book Break we are going to review “Poke The Box” by Seth Godin.

Book Description :
If you’re stuck at the starting line, you don’t need more time or permission. You don’t need to wait for a boss’s okay or to be told to push the button; you just need to poke.

Poke the Box is a manifesto by bestselling author Seth Godin that just might make you uncomfortable. It’s a call to action about the initiative you’re taking-–in your job or in your life. Godin knows that one of our scarcest resources is the spark of initiative in most organizations (and most careers)-–the person with the guts to say, “I want to start stuff.”

Poke the Box just may be the kick in the pants you need to shake up your life.

Congratulations to Heather Earley for being the first to RSVP and comment.  You will receive a free copy of the book!





Lunch With The Staff At Swan Terrace Founders Inn

Thank you Gary, Steve, Joe & Pam for taking everyone out to lunch at the Swan Terrace – Founders Inn.  I think we all were feeling a little stuffed but happy that afternoon!  The food was amazing and we are so lucky to be working for a company that gives so much to their agents, staff and clients.  It shows every day not just at the holidays that you are truly sincere and passionate about what you do.

Santa Claus Arrives On A Fire Truck

Santa Claus attended our annual Toys For Trees event and came in on a Fire Truck.  It was a huge hit for all the children and then they were able to sit with Santa and get their photo taken with him.


100 Days Of Greatness Graduates!

Meet our newest 100 Days Of Greatness Graduates at The Real Estate Group!

100 Days Of Greatness

100 Days of Greatness is an intense real estate training that meets weekly :

  • How to take your database of existing relationships and create advocates that will help you accelerate your business
  • How to proactively add new relationships to your database
  • How to build relationships with customers based on trust
  • How to make traditional real estate lead-generation activities like “floor time” and “open houses” effective tools for building business
  • Practical selling skills such as how to present your services to buyers and sellers
  • Targeted dialogs to help you build relationships and close more sales

Real Estate Website Training With Garrett

At the Real Estate Group we offer up to 3 website training workshops for our agents through webinars as well in the office.  Yesterday Garrett gave training on building neighborhood pages, embedding photos and videos into your website and how to set up different searches.

Next class is a webinar scheduled for tomorrow with our SEO expert Eric Blackwell.

Goal Setting – Testimonial

Larry Conner gives a great testimonial from the Goal Setting Planning Session with Steve Edwards at the Real Estate Group.  We have plenty of other real estate training classes and workshops and hope you can attend one soon!