The Real Show 2011 – Coach Jackie Leavenworth

2011 The Real Show - Virginia Association of Realtors

2011 The Real Show October 7 – 8 at the Virginia Beach Convention Center.

We got to chat via Skype Video Chat with one of the featured speakers Coach Jackie Leavenworth.  She will be speaking on “It’s A Price War To The Door”  and “Let’s Face It

It’s A Price War To The Door!  Every good agent knows the language of a listing – “cozy” beats “small”; “natural setting” beats “in the middle of nowhere”  But the best agents go beyond cliche descriptions – they know the difference between “pricing” and “positioning” and between “comparables” and “competition”  Get smart:  Learn to make your listings shine, and gain a competitive edge for your marketing.  

We look forward to seeing you all there and networking and learning from as many REALTORS.  Thanks to Virginia Association of REALTOR® and Hampton Roads REALTOR® Association for putting together another great convention!