Buffini’s Turning Point 2012 Wrap-Up

What an exceptional conference we had at Brian Buffini’s Turning Point 2012 up in Richmond this week! I want to thank everyone who joined me and invested in themselves by absorbing such rich content over the past two days:

  • Delores Alexander
  • Nicole Ashley (Landmark Title)
  • Marcia Babashanian
  • Jen Basnight
  • Dayla Brooks
  • Greg Chaplin
  • Jeanine Cline
  • Laura Daugherty
  • Cathy Duncan
  • Shirley Edinger
  • Deb Gayle (Landmark Title)
  • Mitch Johnson
  • Amy Lang
  • Debbie Marable
  • Mike Nishnick
  • Kristin Perecko
  • Barbara Robinson
  • Marj Worley

I firmly believe that both the skills and agent development at TREG are at a very high level, so it was wonderful to hear Brian Buffini and Joe Niego affirming all the things our TREG associates are doing right now to grow and build their practices for the long term. The most important things we can be doing every day to expand our practice are sales and marketing. They are five times more important than anything else we can be doing on a daily basis. We know that a 10% growth in the business development of our practice equals a 50% increase in our income. Great takeaways from Brian and Joe!

I hope to see you next year in Richmond for this event, and don’t forget that Peak Producers is coming to the Chesapeake office in the fall: 8/27/12 – 11/19/12. This is powerful content! I look forward to seeing you there.

– Steven

100 Days Of Greatness Graduates!

Meet our newest 100 Days Of Greatness Graduates at The Real Estate Group!

100 Days Of Greatness

100 Days of Greatness is an intense real estate training that meets weekly :

  • How to take your database of existing relationships and create advocates that will help you accelerate your business
  • How to proactively add new relationships to your database
  • How to build relationships with customers based on trust
  • How to make traditional real estate lead-generation activities like “floor time” and “open houses” effective tools for building business
  • Practical selling skills such as how to present your services to buyers and sellers
  • Targeted dialogs to help you build relationships and close more sales